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What’s going on

Many things have happened in the past 60 days. Some have had the spotlight on them, others have not. The media seems to only be covering events that are either a distraction from real issues or events that are meant to tear people apart and start a fight…

This past weekend, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting up with one of my friends, Frankie who currently lives in Central Arkansas. He does tree removal in Little Rock during the day and codes on the side during the night.

Yes! I meant coding on a computer!

Frank was always passionate about computers and learning how they work. After high school, he was a part time tree guy, part time computer geek. I guess he went full time doing tree work, but still keeps up with the coding world.

Our families have known each other for over a decade and have attended tons of events together. Five years later, and good ol’ Frankie is still the same!

I remember him telling me that he’ll always be interested in computers and will never give it up his dream of being one of the greats… I doubted him them, but don’t doubt him today. Sooner or later, he will be the next genius/inventor who changes the world for good and all because he works harder than anyone I know today, including myself.

We’ve had a couple of serious talks and moments, but all in all, it has been the biggest break I’ve had in the last 5 years. Frank is the kind of guy that you can have a very serious conversation with, talk about emotional stuff and even some issues you’re having in your life and simply shoot the sh*t.

Times like that is when you really get to appreciate your REAL friends. People like Frank who understand you.

Nowadays, we have too many FAKE friends, who hang out with you, laugh with you but aren’t there when you need them most. They on your side when you’re winning, but will quickly switch sides, when you’re in the loss.

I want to raise everyone’s awareness and have you check yourself… Are the people you spend you time with, there when nobody else is? Ask yourself next time you buddy Bob wants to go party…

In the world we live in today, there will definitely be bad times and you need good people on your side. It’s not easy finding FAKE friends, but is very hard finding REAL ones.

Be aware of who’s getting your time! That is all.


Trump vs Hillary? Ouch

I don’t generally get into the whole political debate, and just for the record… I’m on neither side of the fence (republican or democrat) but am with the green party on this one. Jill Stein in this case.

Starting with Donald Trump

This guy is insane, isn’t he? He makes everyone think that the world and specifically America is on fire and he is the ultimate solution. Honestly, the guy might seem crazy and out of his mind at times, but there’s definitely truth in what he’s saying…

A lot of things are going on in the world right know, tons of conflicts and eggs, if you may, that are getting ready to crack. Is he actually going to stop worldwide disasters from occurring? Not a chance! Can he make America great again? I do believe so, but the way that he treats people just doesn’t vibe with me, and that’s one of the big reasons I’m not going with him in this election.

Something that I do feel is refreshing, is his mindset and the way he acts, even though it’s often racist and rude. I really feel like Donald Trump is one of very few people with media exposure, who actually speaks his mind when he’s called on the carpet by journalists and other politicians. Now, he’s not the smartest guy out there, even though his head is two times the size of an average watermelon, haha. Bottom line is, he’s different from anyone else I have ever seen run in the election.


Yeah, not sure what to say here even though I feel very strongly about her. How strongly you might be asking? Strongly against! We’re talking about a woman who is a complete sell out, and how do we expect her to make good decisions for us as the people of this country? A woman running for president who is living in luxury! How is she going to represent people who are not millionaires like herself, people like you and I who’s average income is anywhere between 30 and 80 grand per year? That’s what I thought!

The campaign has been great and flashy, but where is all that money coming from? Who’s donating to the campaign? Look into it and you’ll see whom her future decisions will benefit and whom they wont.

Another thing I just wanna throw out there is good ‘ol Bernie and how he gave up the ball. I’m not a fan of speculating, and really feel like it was a set up from the beginning to get more younger supporters to join and vote for the democrats. It’s really sad and even suspicious to see how a man who is, or seemed so passionate about helping out the students of America, fighting for the middle class and peoples rights, can simply give it all up and join the exact opposite, which is Hillary.

I’m no politician and am not actively involved in politics, but even I can see that’s there’s not much of a choice in the presidential candidates this election year. If I were to pick just between the two of them, I would probably go for the big headed one, just because I prefer to pick the lesser evil.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed today’s rant on a topic that is overly covered all over the news… As always, I don’t run this myself and do appreciate any help that comes my way, so this post wouldn’t be possible without our friends which are concrete driveway pavers located in Virginia Beach, VA. If you ever need concrete work done, please don’t hesitate to contact them. Mention this post and ask Richard for current specials.




Main Issues With Society Today

If you ever watch the news anymore, even though they’re full of lies and are not not be trusted to deliver relevant, unfiltered and most importantly honest information about the thing the are happening in the world we all live in today, you’ll notice that all the so called reporters are talking about the same thing day in and day out.

Something funny that I’ve noticed is… let’s say an extremist blowing up a building, people getting shot at or a truck, operated by an insurgent ramming through a bunch of people… Whatever it is, you should know what I’m talking about, but think why you know about those events??? It could be because that’s all that the big media is talking about, otherwise how would you find out about it. What ever happened to the mass murder of people in Florida and California? The news went on for about two weeks just blasting each story and interviewing all the people who were faking a concern for the victims and stirred towards the gun control.

Now, we have a black guy shooting up the police because they’ve been beating and killing men like himself for years! What’s happening to that story though? It’s fading away after the burial of the police officers…

The next big thing is France and the attack there. Do you see what I’m talking about. It’s always a new story that’s being fed to us without the majority of people noticing, and being distracted by Pokemon Go and running around town chasing god knows what… Do you think that’s the society we wanna live in? I think not! But is it the one we’re currently a part of? Absolutely!

I’ve done some research and have identified what in my opinion are the core issues of our society today!

  • Gay and Lesbian Rights – even though some of you might be thinking that it’s over, I assure you that it’s far from the truth! Our society as a whole is still, to this day having issues with accepting gays and lesbian as a part of the community. For whatever reason it’s stuck in their head that all people aren’t created equal and if you happened to appreciate your own gender much more that the opposite you and your life matter less somehow. I’m convinced that there is a lot more to be fought, just like the case of slavery and racism. There was racism, which turned into slavery, which has then downgraded back to the good ol racism. Mic Drop!
  • Racism – Not much different from LGBT community and their fight for rights, except for the fact that one cannot simply hide their skin color. Some highly educated people suggest that it’s a person’s fault for being racist, but I completely disagree. In my most honest opinion I put this one on the parents, schools (education) and the society! It promotes racism, not as openly as back in the 50’s, yet every day you hear about some big racism issues, just like the case with cops vs black people.

The only solution I see, is education! No child should be tough to hate or disrespect one another based on skin color, sex or gender preference. All those children will grow up to be open minded individuals and will bring the country back on it’s feet.

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