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Trump vs Hillary? Ouch

I don’t generally get into the whole political debate, and just for the record… I’m on neither side of the fence (republican or democrat) but am with the green party on this one.┬áJill Stein in this case.

Starting with Donald Trump

This guy is insane, isn’t he? He makes everyone think that the world and specifically America is on fire and he is the ultimate solution. Honestly, the guy might seem crazy and out of his mind at times, but there’s definitely truth in what he’s saying…

A lot of things are going on in the world right know, tons of conflicts and eggs, if you may, that are getting ready to crack. Is he actually going to stop worldwide disasters from occurring? Not a chance! Can he make America great again? I do believe so, but the way that he treats people just doesn’t vibe with me, and that’s one of the big reasons I’m not going with him in this election.

Something that I do feel is refreshing, is his mindset and the way he acts, even though it’s often racist and rude. I really feel like Donald Trump is one of very few people with media exposure, who actually speaks his mind when he’s called on the carpet by journalists and other politicians. Now, he’s not the smartest guy out there, even though his head is two times the size of an average watermelon, haha. Bottom line is, he’s different from anyone else I have ever seen run in the election.


Yeah, not sure what to say here even though I feel very strongly about her. How strongly you might be asking? Strongly against! We’re talking about a woman who is a complete sell out, and how do we expect her to make good decisions for us as the people of this country? A woman running for president who is living in luxury! How is she going to represent people who are not millionaires like herself, people like you and I who’s average income is anywhere between 30 and 80 grand per year? That’s what I thought!

The campaign has been great and flashy, but where is all that money coming from? Who’s donating to the campaign? Look into it and you’ll see whom her future decisions will benefit and whom they wont.

Another thing I just wanna throw out there is good ‘ol Bernie and how he gave up the ball. I’m not a fan of speculating, and really feel like it was a set up from the beginning to get more younger supporters to join and vote for the democrats. It’s really sad and even suspicious to see how a man who is, or seemed so passionate about helping out the students of America, fighting for the middle class and peoples rights, can simply give it all up and join the exact opposite, which is Hillary.

I’m no politician and am not actively involved in politics, but even I can see that’s there’s not much of a choice in the presidential candidates this election year. If I were to pick just between the two of them, I would probably go for the big headed one, just because I prefer to pick the lesser evil.

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